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    Scratch and Sniff Cards

    DRUGS – Know Your Smells

    Print it – Scratch it - Smell it

    CAIR Scotland offers a range of support programmes some of which include drug and alcohol interventions and education programmes to some of Scotland’s most chaotic and vulnerable young people and adults.


    To raise awareness of the dangers of drug and alcohol use, an initiative has been developed in the form of a printed scratch and sniff card that contains four drug related fragrances for cannabis herbal, cannabis resin, mephedrone and amphetamine. In addition to these drugs, this card also identifies the downside of taking New Psychoactive Substances (NPS), also known as Legal Highs.



    Danny Kelly, Team Manager at CAIR Scotland said “The use of legal highs and illicit drugs and New Psychoactive Substances in Scotland is a problem which needs to be addressed immediately. CAIR Scotland had the opportunity for using printing technology to enhance the work that we undertake with children and young people, educational and school professionals, parents and carers alike.  CAIR Scotland have a large target market as a result of the breadth of work undertaken in both children’s and adult services across Scotland, in relation to risk taking behaviour, and this was an opportunity to develop innovative resources in the drug and alcohol field.” 


    In addition, Danny added “I am highly delighted with the scratch and sniff cards and the drug scents. All the work and effort from everyone has proven to be worthwhile for a campaign of this nature.”


    Ralph Chalmers, managing director of St Andrew Print said “This copyright print design and development of these aroma smells of this nature was created over many months. By continually working closely with the team at CAIR Scotland,allowed us to determine the aromas that replicated the odours of the four drugs identified. We contacted our ink specialist suppliers in Europe and successfully located the scents required for printing. We know from our experience that the use of scents and smells in marketing campaigns has proved to be successful.”


    CAIR Scotland currently offers the following intensive support programmes: harm reduction services including blood borne virus interventions; sexual health and relationships programmes; drug and alcohol interventions and education programmes; employment rehabilitation and through care and aftercare services. They provide these services in partnership with Local Authorities and NHS boards.  


    Funding for this project was provided by the Alcohol and Drug Partnership teams in Angus, Dundee, Perth and Kinross.


    St Andrew Print can be contacted at


    You can order Scratch and Sniff cards by contacting Danny Kelly on 01382 200532 or alternatively by email



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