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Service WEB (Perth & Kinross) Age Group Children & Young People
Name Kirstie Howell Location Perth & Kinross
Position Team Manager Brief Description of Service
Telephone 01738 451594

Provides assessment, treatment and intervention services to young people aged 10 - 24.

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80 Princes Street
Perth & Kinross
Service Description

Information for workers, parents and carers.

The WEB Project, as part of the Perth & Kinross Substance Misuse Service - in partnership with Perth & Kinross Drug and Alcohol Action Team provides assessment, treatment and intervention services to young people aged 10 - 24 who are having problems with their substance use (alcohol and legal and illicit drugs). Young people can self refer to the service.


When to refer to The WEB Project?

Please remember, it is always important to discuss the referral with the young person before it is made and ensure consent has been given.

Signs that should lead to a referral being made :

  • If the young person is disclosing that they are involved in drug/alcohol use on a regular basis i.e. every day, every weeked.
  • If the young person is repeatedly getting picked up by the police due to alcohol and drug use.
  • If you are aware that the young person has been hospitalised due to drug/alcohol use.
  • If the young person cannot sustain education, college or employment due to drug and alcohol use.
  • If there are drug incidents in school.

If you are unsure whether a referal is suitable, please contact project staff in order to discuss further.

Once the assessment process is carried out then we can determine whether or not the service is for them.


Other services offered by The WEB Project


The WEB Project also provides access to community based health services to all young people, aged 10-24, with particular focus on those who are: − looked after young people, (at home and in the community, including those in kinship care); − young offenders; and − those excluded from school. The project provides information and support to young people affected by their own drug and alcohol use, sexual ill health, including HIV/BBV, offending behaviours and associated related risk behaviours.


Services, across Perth & Kinross, provided by The WEB Project include:

  • Screening of Sexual Health Needs and Substance Use
  • 1:1 Support • Sexual Health and Relationships Group Work (Thematic and Peer Groups)
  • Drug and Alcohol Group Work (Thematic and Peer Groups)
  • 'C' Card Registration and Distribution
  • Pre and Post Pregnancy Testing Counselling Support and support to access clinical services
  • Postal chlamydia and gonorrhoea tests
  • Volunteer opportunities for young people and adults, including community placements


Young people accessing this service will be at least in the early problematic stage of substance misuse, which is defined as:

"use which is beginning to cause concern and impact on other key areas, school, relationships or have entrenched problems which is defined as frequent heavy use impacting on most key areas".
(National Treatment Agency - Models of Treatment)

Problem Drug Use is defined as "use where people will be causing or experiencing psychological, medical or legal problems because of their drug use".
(Scot Government - The Road to Recovery)

The Referral Process.

  • The referrer submits a Referral Form to Senior Practitioner.
  • Allocation of the referrals made, within 2 days for an initial Assessment.
  • Feedback is made to the referrer to inform them which worker has been allocated the case, within 2 days.
  • Initial Contact is made by the Drug Support Worker with young person to determine if referral is appropriate within 10 worling days.


If Appropriate.

A comprehensive assessment is completed using the EuroADAD or EuroASI-S Assessment Tool. An individual "Plan for Change" is developed with the young person, within 4 weeks of the initial Assessment. Work with the young person usually continues for at least six months and will be formally reviewed every three months.


If Not Appropriate.

The Drug Support worker will liaise with the referrer and young people to support an alternative plan.


What we do?

Using the EuroADAD or EuroASI-S Assessment Tool - which covers 7 main areas of the young person life, (family, education, physical, health, drug & alcohol use, social, psychological and criminal) we developed a 'Plan for Change' with the young person.

This can include a range of medical and/or psycho-social interventions e.g.

  • Counselling Support
  • Themed/Peer Groupwork
  • Anger Management
  • Motivational Change Programmes
  • Support with Literacy
  • G.P Liaison
  • *Dug Testing
  • Family Work
  • Court Reports and Advocacy
  • Mental Well Being Programmes
  • Fitness/Health Living
  • Life Story Work
  • Task Centred Work
  • Problem Solving

*Clinical Governance provided by NHS Tayside - Primary Care Substance Misuse Service

Each plan is designed to meet the individual needs of each young person and sharing with the referrer. The case can last up to 6 months at which time a formal review takes place between the Drug Support Worker, the young person and the referee. At this stage the case is either closed or re-assessed and work can continue for a further 6 months if required.


Outcomes For The Plan For Change

  • Reduction/stabilisation of poly drug use
  • Reduction/stabilisation of substance misuse incidents
  • Reduction in anti-social behaviour
  • Improvement in school attendance
  • Entering college/further education
  • Improved relationship with family
  • Uptake of and sustained use of community social and leisure facilities


This service is based at,
The WEB/Streets Ahead
80 Princes Street, Perth, PH2 8LH

Tel : 01738 451594
Email :

Service Tayside Community Recovery Service (Perth&Kinross) Age Group Adult
Name Pauline McIntosh Location Perth & Kinross
Position Team Manager Brief Description of Service
Telephone 01382 200 532

ECLIPS Community Recovery & Moving On Service operates throughout Tayside to provide 1 to 1 support and group activities for those striving to move into or mainitain recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

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80 Princes Street
Perth & Kinross
Service Description

Are You?

  • Aged 16 years and over
  • Living in Tayside
  • Currently in or recently completed drug/alcohol treatment
  • Looking to get involved in new activities in your local area
  • Interested in meeting other people in recovery


What we can offer

  • One to one support
  • Groupwork
  • Peer support
  • Access to activities in your local community
  • A place to socialise, share experiences and learn new skills
  • A chance to meet others in recovery
  • A place to support each other


To help you improve your

  • Confidence
  • Communication
  • Team working skills
  • Social skills
  • Coping skills
  • Existing skills, and support in your recovery


Contact us for more information.

Phone : 01382 200 532

Email :

ECLIPS Community Recovery and Moving on Service,
The Cairn Centre,
12 Rattray Street,