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Service Intensive Support & Monitoring Service Age Group Children & Young People
Name Jordan Wood Location Angus
Position Intensive Support Worker Brief Description of Service
Telephone 01382 200 532

Working with young people who are at risk of being placed in secure accommodation.

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29 B Canmore Street
Service Description

What is Intensive Support?

The Intensive Support Service is a way of working with young people who are at risk of being placed in secure accommodation to address their offending behaviour and keep you in their community.

The aim of the service is:

  • To reduce the offending behaviour they are involved in
  • To reduce the risks they place their self in whilst in the community
  • Working towards improving their quality of life and those who care for them
  • Promoting positive lifestyle choices and access to local services and activities in their community

What is Intensive Support Monitoring Service (ISMS)?

This is a package of support which will be delivered in partnership with Angus Social Work Department, Education and Health to allow you to work towards changing their offending and risk taking behaviour whilst staying in the community.

To achieve this it may be recommended that they are placed on a Movement Restriction Condition (MRC). You may know this to be called a tag. Alongside of this they will have support from CAIR Scotland to address their behaviour.

Things CAIR Scotland will offer:

  • One to one support
  • 24 hour helpline and face-to-face contact
  • Crisis support
  • Family contact and support
  • Support for Movement Restriction Conditions
  • Support to deal with offending and anti-social behaviour
  • Support to deal with substance misuse
  • Evening care and group work
  • Social and personal development
  • Support to school, training, further education and work
  • Mediation and restorative approaches
  • Diversionary support


For more information contact:

ISMS Co-ordinator 01382 200532

The Cairn Centre,
12 Rattrey Street,