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Service WEB (Angus) Age Group Children & Young People
Name Fraser Mitchell Location Angus
Position Team Manager Brief Description of Service
Telephone 01307 460101

Provide an opportunity for mediation and reparation between young people who commit offences and their victims.

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29 B Canmore Street
Service Description

What is the Angus Restorative Justice Service?

The Angus Restorative Justice Service exists as part of the Angus Youth Justice Strategy. The service aims to provide an opportunity for mediation and reparation between young people who commit offences and their victims.

We receive referrals from The Children's Reporter, Tayside Police, Social Work Department, LMART and young people themselves.

Young people participate in the scheme on a voluntary basis, having accepted responsibility for their behaviour and wishing to make amends in some way.

Throughout the process, workers will engage with parents/carers to ensure the reinforcement of key messages.

The young person may complete a 6 or 12 week programme which include an offending behaviour programme, victim awareness, responsibility and citizenship, choices and consequences and anger management.


How can you become involved?

A worker will meet you to explain the service, ensure you're aware of the options available and find out if you want to participate.

If you do wish to be directly involved, and workers agree this is appropriate, you may have the opportunity to participate in a face to face meeting, accept a letter of apology and/or negotiate an appropriate reparative task for the young person to undertake, supported by the worker.

However, if you do not wish direct involvement in the process, the worker or a third party may represent your views to the young person on your behalf.

At the end of the process, the worker will send you a letter confirming the engagement of the young person in the programme and offering you a chance for any final communication with the worker before the case is closed.


Angus Restorative Justice Service.

For more information contact :

Laura Ogilvie, 01307 560101

The WEB Project,
29b Canmore Street,