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Mission Statement

CAIR Scotland exists to promote healthy lifestyles and positive changes by reducing risk behaviors and associated harm.


CAIR Scotland exists to promote and protect the physical and mental health of all people including children, young people and adults of all cultures and from all backgrounds. We will continue to explore new opportunities for merger, development and growth but only if it is right for our own organisation and improves the lives of the people who are receiving the services and support we deliver.


Secure organisation’s stability and growth by:

-       Establishing mixed income model   -   70% restricted, 20% unrestricted, 10% private.


-     Establishing social enterprise services which contribute to 20% of overall income.


-       Review current operational objectives to ensure they reflect service development


-       Increase number of people using our services by 2% growth through  securing new contracts and the development of new services. (We are currently contracted to work with people in 2,600 in 12/13). In 13/14 these numbers increased to 3,500.


Create and maintain a competitive edge:

-       Complete re-branding of organisation to ensure all stakeholders and potential stakeholders identify with our services.


-       Develop Research Consortium which influences development of services at a local and national level.


Be recognised as a leader in our field of work.

-       Develop or commission knowledge management systems which contribute to CAIR Scotland providing training/development opportunities to 12 stakeholders per year.


-       Contribute to national developments within field by attending 6 events per annum to present work of the organisation.


-        Achieve National Quality StandardsAccreditation