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Board Of Directors

Colin Coxhead.

ChrisColin Coxhead began his career as an Outreach Youth Worker in Melbourne Australia in 1976 until specialising his work with young drug users in 1980. His reporting on the sexual exploitation of young people led to the formation of the Delta Task Force police unit in 1982 with whom he worked closely.

When the Delta Task Force concluded in 1984 it was re-formed into the permanent Victorian Police Child Exploitation Unit into which he was seconded and continued working with young victims until 1987. He then moved to Sydney and took the position of Training and Development Officer with an Adolescent Drug Treatment and Support Service.

In 1988 he travelled through East Africa into Europe and in 1989 had the opportunity to re-develop a failing drop-in centre in Dundee. At that time Dundee had a disproportionate high rate of HIV among drug injectors and after locating funding and logistic support, he set about establishing the Dundee Drugs and AIDS Project in Bell Street, later expanding into Forfar and Perth.

In 2000 Colin returned to Australia to develop Heroin Overdose and Hepatitis C responses in two inner city Community Health Centres and Fulham Prison in outer regional Melbourne.

In 2008 Colin moved to Switzerland and began private consultancies with the World Health Organisation in Geneva and the Penington Institute in Melbourne, Australia.

Following the retirement of the CAIR Chairman, Alister Robertson, Colin was invited to join the CAIR Scotland Board of Directors in 2011 and currently resides in Geneva.

 Lloyd Girling

ChrisLloyd Gilring was a former Assistant Director of Social Work in Tayside Regional Council with a background in Catering, Voluntary Work and Teaching.  Over the past 36 years he has developed his invovlement in both statutory and voluntary settings, particularly with respect to multi-agency practices.  A primary focus in his work has been the need to create opportunities which enables individudals of all ages to establish positive alternative lifestyles which he believes lends itself to the principles in the work of CAIR Scotland.  He looks forward to continuing to support and help shape the significant contribution staff and managment make to the lives and aspirations of a very vulnerable group in society.

Rita Keyte

A graduate of the University of Edinburgh, Rita began her career in medical and local authority social work latterly specialising in work with families and young offenders before returning to Edinburgh University to gain a professional qualification in Social Work.

Since then Rita has worked as a Service Manager of an Alcohol Counselling Service where, in addition to managing the service, she played an active role in training volunteer counsellors. This included serving on the national committee which set practice standards and monitored the progress of newly trained and established counsellors. Her growing interest in training led to her appointment as a training specialist in a private management consultancy where she researched, designed and delivered courses to a wide range of large and small businesses.

However her ongoing concern for individuals,families and communities affected by substance misuse saw her return to posts focused on tackling the barriers that impede the progress of those seeking to change their lifestye and circumstances. Her posts within the Home Office and Scottish Office sought to harness the creativity of local communities to identify and deliver bespoke activities aimed at preventing drug misuse; provide access to funds and evaluate the outcomes.

Rita's last post before retiring was Co-ordinator of Fife's Alcohol and Drug Partnership which commissioned the full range of alcohol and drug services. During that time Rita was a member of a number of groups including Fife Child Protection Committee and the Health and Homelessness group.

Throughout her career Rita has volunteered in a number of ways including alcohol counselling, grant assessor for a charitable trust and Board member of third sector organisations. She has been a Director of CAIR Scotland's Board for almost twenty years and is proud to have played a part in its consistent growth, its adherence to high standards of practice and its unwavering commitment to tackling social injustice.