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What We Do

CAIR Scotland currently offers intensive support programmes; harm reduction services including blood borne virus interventions; sexual health and relationships programmes; drug and alcohol interventions and education programmes; employment rehabilitation and throughcare and aftercare services to some of scotlands most chaotic and vulnerable young people and adults. We provide these services in partnership with four Local Authorities and NHS Tayside.

WEB Project

Over the past ten years, CAIR Scotland has developed community-based services for young people aged 10-25, in response to local action research.

This research has highlighted the increasing risk behaviour of young people associated with their alcohol and drug use, offending sexual activity, including the risk of acquiring or transmitting sexual infections, including HIV and other blood borne viruses.

In response our WEB Projects provide a range of community-based interventions to target young people at risk.

Specialist Services for Vulnerable Young People

In addition CAIR Scotland has developed specialist services to provide accessible and confidential assessment, treatment and intervention services for the most vulnerable young people. Our programmes target those who do not access mainstream services and provide interventions for those who are:

  • At risk through their own or a family member’s substance misuse
  • Looked after in the community or in the residential care/secure accommodation.
  • Young offenders
  • At risk through their sexual activity
  • Excluded from school
  • Homeless


Adult Services

CAIR Scotland’s Adult Services offer a range of interventions to provide a continuum of care to adults whose lives are affected by substance misuse problems.

Our staff are fully trained in a range of psychosocial interventions to support people throught the process of change, enabling the most vulnerable individuals to achieve stability and have a positive impact on their own lives and their community.

We offer information, advice and support to assist individuals to reduce the harm caused by their substance use as well as providing motivational support to reduce and cease use, enabling them to move on into education, training and employment and promoting recovery.